The Commonplace Book, Vol. 1, Page 1.

Leaving San Francisco I jaimeevans.wordpress.comWatching San Francisco stretch further away as the ferry chugs powerful waves of water behind its self, feeling the air cool until it chills me to the bone, and smelling the delicious salt?  That never stops being invigorating.  In short, I am a fan of taking the ferry home from San Francisco at night.

How to Marry a Gilbert Blythe, by Carrots for Michaelmas.  As an English teacher and general lover of literature, I feel like I am supposed to automatically be a Die-Hard Darcy Lover.  (It’s a thing!)  But long before I ever heard of this Mr. Darcy I fell in love with a Mr. Gilbert Blythe.  I could go on, but Haley’s post nails it.  Just read what she wrote instead.

The next time you are looking to take a break from the Chuck marathon you’ve been sporting on instant Netflix (we’re all doing that this week, right?  You got your memo?) hop over to the documentaries category and check out Somewhere Between.  I was especially touched by Haley’s interaction with her birth father and Fang’s thoughtful reflections.

Girls are strong.

And finally, a mash-up of two of my all time favorite tv shows: The Opening Credits of The Day of the Doctor- F*R*I*E*N*D*S  style!

Happy Sunday, Folks!

Jaime I


Commonplace books are books that are filled with little bits of varying types of knowledge that the owner wanted to keep track of.  They became particularly notable in Early Modern Europe.  Recipes, quotes, letters, measurement conversions, proverbs… each commonplace book was unique to its author’s interests.  My weekly round up of pretty/thoughtful/funny things I find on the internet= my commonplace book.

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