Bucket List

Places To Go: International

Africa- African Safari |


Asia– China (The Great Wall)  | India |  Japan | Thailand |

Europe-  Czech Republic- Prague | England- Yorkshire Moors, Cornwall, London (underground tour), London (Shoreditch), London (lunch @ Borough Market) | Greece | Iceland- Reykjavik | Italy- Garden of Monsters, Pompeii, Venice | Ireland | Netherlands- Amsterdam, Anne Frank’s House | Poland- Auschwitz | Scotland- live near Loch Ness for a month and research Nessie! | Switzerland- Matterhorn | Wales- St. David’s Cathedral |

Welsh Castles (ALL of them!)

North America– Canada- Prince Edward Island |

Oceania  Australia |  Bali | New Zealand |

South America- Brazil- Rio de Janiero | Ecuador- Galapagos Islands | Peru- Machu Picchu |

Places To Go: National

Visit all 50 States | Alaska | Boston | Chicago | The Grand Canyon | Hawaii | Hollywood Walk of Fame | New Orleans | Harry Potter Theme Park | Salem | ComicCon

Places To Go: Uber Local

Sutro Baths | The Warming Hut | Find all the Banksys in San Francisco (none left as of October 2015) | Seward Street Slides | Lover’s Lane | The Wave Organ |Whale Watching at Farallon Islands |Clarion Alley | Billy Goat Hill | Twin Peaks | Moraga Steps


Glastonbury (Music Festival) | See The Northern Lights | Watch a favorite TV show filmed Live | Live abroad again | Go on a family vacation to a foreign country | Fly Premier Class (as many times as possible!) | Live in San Francisco | Host an exchange student | Adopt a child | Meet Amy Poehler and tell her how awesome she is | Milk a cow/sheep/goat


Write and Publish Books | Take students on field trips abroad | Get my Masters degree in English | Become literate in Spanish | Save a life | Run Bay to Breakers | Develop an amazing classroom library (content and organization) | Learn to do various version of the yoga handstand pose | Do a Color Run

Books to Read

The Hobbit | Jane Eyre | Winter’s Tale | Triangle | The Book Thief | Kitchen | Middlesex | The Poisonwood Bible | Norweigen Wood | The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao | Cool Grey City of Love: 49 Views of San Francisco | The Bell Jar

Movies and TV Shows to Watch

7 Up Series | Twin Peaks | Super Natural |

Before Midnight | Clockwork Orange | One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest | Schindler’s List | Ghandi

These lists are by no means exhaustive! I plan to add to and edit these lists as life goes on.

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