Summer Play List 2015

Summer Playlist 2015 | inlovewiththeworld.comI am a teacher.  The details may be a secret, but the fact that I am a professional teen wrangler and language un-tangler is not one.  There are a bajillion things I love about being a teacher.  The thing at the very bottom of the bajillion things long list is this: Summer Vacation.  In my opinion, more professions should have summer vacations.  It’s a great time to recharge, reflect, get the creative juices flowing, and explore.

Around Spring Break I start to make my Summer Playlist.  The Summer Playlist is a fun to do list.  It’s little adventures to go on, little creative experiments, and other such shennanigans.  The Summer Playlist helps organize the fun!

This is my Summer 2015 Playlist:

  1. Go to London!
  2. Go to Bend, Oregon: float down the river on inner tubes, eat BBQ chip nachos, and drink coffee at the Looney Bean.
  3. Finish the Wedding Blanket- this was supposed to be done by our first year anniversary, it would be pathetic if it wasn’t done by our 5th anniversary.
  4. Complete our wedding album.  See above comment.
  5. Go paddle boarding.
  6. Go on two free walking tours in San Francisco- I like both San Francisco City Guides and Wild SF Walking Tours.
  7. Do yoga at Grace Cathedral.
  8. Imbibe at Terminus.  Amuse myself with layers of geeky jokes.
  9. Walk under the Golden Gate in the fog and grab a coffee at The Warming Hut.
  10. Look at the view from Twin Peaks.
  11. Ride the Seward Street Slides.
  12. Go to a Movie in the Park.
  13. Go to the Tonga Bar on Nob Hill.
  14. Walk Lovers Lane in the Presidio.
  15. Go to the Wave Organ.

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One response to “Summer Play List 2015

  1. I went paddle boarding for the first time a few days ago! It was much harder than I expected but still fun and a good workout.

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