Why I Love Gray | Feet Friday

Purple Flowers @ Coit Tower | Feet Friday  inlovewiththeworld.com

I will never stop loving to color gray.  It such a beautiful, even neutral.  It looks fantastic with bright colors splashed across it, and it looks amazing with sparkle.  I think there is something beautifully metaphoric about that.  Other people think gray is such a depressing color, but I see it as a canvas to show the true joy of bright, cheerful jewel tones.  There’s a cliche about needing darkness to see the light in there somewhere, but I won’t spell it out for you.

Bonus life tip: buy barely worn crocs from a consignment store for half the price as new ones.  Embellish with sparkly vintage shoe clips.  Result:  feet look cute in Feet Friday pictures and feet feel like they live on clouds, when really they are climbing up Telegraph Hill.  Double win.

September 2015, Filbert Steps, San Francisco, CA

One response to “Why I Love Gray | Feet Friday

  1. Just wanted to say hello. I just discovered your blog through the penpal matchups at Lovely Letters. Let me know when you come to Boston!

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