Finding Full House in San Francisco

“Everywhere you look…” There’s a 90’s girl who is freaking out about the return of Full House!

“Everywhere is a place…” in San Francisco where Full House was filmed!

In case you aren’t a 90’s child, or in case this is the first time you have ever been on the internet- Netflix is reviving the beloved  90’s sitcom Full House.  It’s called Fuller House, and it does a gender flip on the original show: oldest sis DJ is widowed and must raise her boys on her own, and her sister and best friend move in to help.

Are you excited about the Full House revival?  Let’s get ready by going on a little tour of Full House filming locations in San Francisco.  Of course most of this show was filmed on set in Los Angeles, but many clips from the opening theme song are shot in San Francisco.  So, tie your t-shirt in a knot on your side, layer some slouchy neon socks on your feet, and let’s get travelling around San Francisco, Full House style!

Full House Filming Locations in San Francisco |

Marin Headlands

Let’s start at the beginning- that view of San Francisco that roles in with the “ahahahaaaaaaah!” at the beginning of every episode.  To see this gorgeous view of the city you are going to have to drive over the bridge to the Marin Headlands.  Drive up Conzelman Road to Battery Spencer.  Park your car on the street and walk up the path.  Viola!  You’re now looking at one of the most stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and you are having your first Full House moment.  Take some pictures.  Sing the Full House theme song if you and your friends like to get silly.

Full House Theme Song

Alamo Square

Next, head on over to Alamo Square.  Not only is this is a gorgeous park with the iconic Painted Ladies, but it is also the park where the Tanners have a picnic at the end of the opening theme song.

Full House Picnic | inlovewiththeworld.comStop and spend a little time in Alamo Square.  Enjoy the view of the city popping up behind the row of Painted Ladies.  Paint your own picture, like the lady in the picture below.  Or, have someone video you while you and your three friends act like you are sitting down to have a picnic in the exact spot above.  Seriously, a group of people did this while I was there.  It’s Full House fever, folks!

The Painted Ladies @ Alamo Square | inlovewiththeworld.comFull House Intro |

Buses near Alamo Square: 21, 22, 24, 5

1709 Broderick Street

Ok, it’s time to go home now.  To the Tanner home, that is!  Despite the fact that most fans assumed that the Tanners lived in one of the houses in the backdrop of their picnic scene, the exterior to the Tanner house is actually about a one mile walk away from Alamo Square.

When you arrive, you might expect to find this:

Full House House Screen Capture |

But instead, you will find this:

The Real Full House House |

Obviously the house has been painted a different color, and the trees have grown a bit.  Honestly, the house itself blends in very well with the rest of the neighborhood.    The only thing that gives it away as the “Full House House” is the steady stream of fans jumping out of their cars to take selfies.

If you don’t want to walk, you could opt to hop on the 24 bus.  You can also drive by the house- the street is quiet enough that you should be able to pop out and take a quick picture, provided that a driver remains in the car.  Remember that you should never park in front of someone’s driveway.  How rude!  It’s an inconvenience for the residents and your car could easily be towed.  Be respectful of the neighbors who happen to be neighbors with a famous house.  Or, as Uncle Jesse would say, “Have mercy!”

Need a map to help you plan your adventures?  You got it, dude.

Is there any other Bay Area movie that you would like me to find filming locations for?  Leave a request in the comments!

5 responses to “Finding Full House in San Francisco

  1. Love this! How are you liking Fuller House? We didn’t make it down to the actual Full House.. we only made it as far as the Painted Ladies. I’m sad that they painted it a different color. Are they just using old footage for the new show? Or I wonder if they just have to edit it.

    • I liked Fuller House- it was very nostalgic and cheesy, but I enjoyed it. : ) I think they are just using old footage for the show. At least, it looks the same to me. : )

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