Outnumbered | Top 5 British Shows You (Probably) Haven’t Seen

Outnumbered | inlovewiththeworld.comWhat is it about?

Dead mice.  No bin bags.  Missing keys.  An inquiry as to whether or not a bazooka would kill a fairy.  These are the things that Outnumbered is about.

The Brockmans are a family of five that live in London.  And, as the title suggests, the majority of the authority in the house lies with the three precocious and insane children.

Why is it great?

The thing that makes this show so amazing lies in the method of this show’s creation.  Let’s face it, three kids running the house sounds like it could easily be a cheesy 90’s American family sitcom gone wrong.  Like Step by Step.  The things that makes it hilarious is the fact that the children do not memorize goofy lines written by adults who are trying to remember what it was like to be a smart-alec kid.  The children were sent in to the scenes with objectives and the scenes were improvised.  Pure child comedy gold ensues.  The insane things they say are all genuinely child-like.

My favorite character:

Karen No Outnumbered | inlovewiththeworld.com

Yep, it’s Karen.  Seriously, when you have the option of choosing a 7 year old whose favorite pastime is dressing down cold callers, how can you no choose her as your favorite?

My favorite episode:

This is quite a difficult one, but I think I am going to have to go with “The Airport.”  Because Ben on espresso and Karen’s discovery of her important role in airport security is just the best.

A Preview:
Where can I find it?

You can stream Season One on Amazon, but be wary if you are looking to buy discs.  I couldn’t find any that would work in an American DVD player.

You can watch all 5 seasons on Hulu.  All episodes are free if you have a subscription.

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