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Create | Word of the Year | inlovewiththeworld.comEvery year I like to choose a word to focus on rather than resolutions.  Ali Edwards started this, and I think it is just fantastic.  Resolutions are easy to break, and they can quickly feel irrelevant as life changes.  In January, when life is slower, it may feel super relevant to make sure you always make your bed in the morning and do all the dishes every single night.  But come May, the spring/summer equivalent of December when it comes to scheduling, you may find yourself wondering- why was this so important?  What I really need is sleep!

Also, I am one that tends to get a bit unrealistic with lists, schedules, and plans.  I can very successfully map out a whole day’s, week’s, month’s even year’s worth of plans.  I can backwards plan I so I reach goals in time, I can invent cute little symbols to code my activities, and I actually find tedious tasks like filling out months of activities on a calendar very therapeutic.  But then, once I am done with this “calendar project” I take a step back, look at it, and realize that everything I need to do is very clearly laid out for me, and also I will need to go get bitten by a radioactive spider in order to have any chance of completing this schedule.

Super powers!!!

Instead, I choose a word.  A word that will stay relevant and guide my focus throughout the year.

This year’s word is Create.  These are some of the things I envision for this year with a Creation focus:

Create a lovely living space.  Last summer I started The Magical Art of Tidying Up and I have loved the process and results.  I am moving at a much slower pace than most people do with this process, but I am loving the process and the results.

Create things.  Shoot and edit more movies.  Take pictures.  Write things.  Crochet blankets.   Scrapbook.  Just, make.  Last year I spent a lot of time consuming art, this year I want to spend more time creating it.

These are my words from years past:

2016- Healthy

2015- Go/Experience

2014- Love

2013- Fit

2012- Star

Are you doing one little word this year?

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