Lover’s Lane | San Francisco

This morning I was watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and I was trying to decide what kind of traveler I am.  Clearly, he’s into the food when he travels.  I enjoy sampling local favorites, but I’m certainly not a foodie.   I am always on the look out for street art, I guess that makes me a bit of an art lover ( or counter culture junkie?).  I enjoy seeing historical monuments, museums, and other “attraction-y” type places, but that’s not all I want to do when I travel.  I love spending some time trying to see how people really live in my destination of choice- I love spending at least a few hours wandering on my own, trying to blend in with the locals.  Of course, there’s really not enough time to do this properly on a vacation.  You really have to live/work/study abroad to accomplish that worthy goal.

When you live somewhere you get to know the delightful little nooks and crannies of that place.  A place like Lover’s Lane is not in a guide book (unless you count Pinterest as a guide book, which is probably actually a pretty good idea) but it is a perfect example of why I love wandering the world.

Lover's Lane |inlovewiththeworld

Lover’s Lane is a 0.6 mile trail in The Presidio area of San Francisco.  It is so called because soldiers would use this path when walking from the Presidio into town to see their sweethearts.

I suggest starting at Presidio Blvd.  There is parking nearby, but be careful not to park in permitted area.  You can pay to park, but we managed to find an un-permitted freebie while we were there.  Walk across the bridge and up the paved trail.  You’ll see some lovely Presidio housing on your right- I wish I lived in one of these houses!  Walk all the way up to the top of the paved trail, then turn into beautiful, looking Eucalyptus trees on your left.  Walk back down on the dirt trail.  I recommend balancing on the logs ( which it turns out are an art installation by Andy Goldsworthy).

Lover's Lane |

You can also hide in a fort…

In a Fort @ Lover's Lane |

… and try tree pose.

Tree Pose @ Lover's Lane |

Then go home, go on a walk in your neighborhood, and see what sweet little treasure are lurking nearby.

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