Zombies, Parks, Planes, and Other Exhilarating Things.

I am always grateful for a mocha and a nice sit in a coffee shop.

I am always grateful for a mocha and a nice sit in a coffee shop.

Life has been truly grand lately- its been hard to make my list of gratitude internet-sized.  Here are some obscure joys I have encountered over the past month or so.

My new blog design!  Like it?  There are still some new bits on their way, so stay tuned!

Watching World War Z in a cinema in Wales, and hearing the cheers that erupted from the audience when the on screen flight attendant announced that the plane would be landing in Cardiff!!!  Cardiff is an awesome city that is seriously under-represented in cinema.  I challenge film makers every where to utilize it more!

Finding out about that Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor– then realizing that he was in the end of World War Z.  He was a W.H.O. Doctor- WHO=World Health Organization.  I let out a little squeal when it said WHO onscreen, but I didn’t pick up on how this might be a sneaky little clue until he was name The Doctor last week.

This Radical Self Love Bible makes the book-maker in me twitch with excitement.

Flowers that grow in the cracks between stones on castle walls.

Blendoku.  I downloaded this game for my iPad.  I have always loved arranging colors according to shade and/or tint- whether it was cardstock in the scrapbooking store I worked in, mat samples in the frame shop I worked in, my own personal yarn collection, or my bookshelves.  This game satiates that need and makes me feel very clever.

Hello Christmas List!  I love Elsie and Emma’s Project Life Kit !   Amy Tan and Lizzy’s too.

I want to go on one of these free tours of neighborhoods in San Francisco.  My friend Tatiana went on one and she blogged about how awesome it was.

Enjoying free extra leg-room, sipping a coke, and watching episodes of Parks and Recreation on our flight home from Wales.  Is there any better way to be welcomed back to America?  Oh yes, there is- a surprise ride home from the airport, courtesy of my new favorite relative.

Mighty Girl’s guide to picnicking in San Francisco’s parks makes me want to grab a sandwich and a blanket and head across the bridge.

Setting new goals- I’ve decided that I want to RUN Bay to Breakers in May 2014.  And man, does the Nike Women’s Marathon SF looks tempting.  Did you know that a firefighter in a tuxedo gives you a limited edition TIffany Necklace when you cross the finish line?!?!  Talk about a running incentive.

What do you consider the finer things in life right now?

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