With The Sea

Aberystwyth, Wales

Aberystwyth, Wales

I have lived in three different places in my life: Seattle WA, Sonoma County CA, and Swansea Wales.  All three of these places left me no more than 30 minutes away from the ocean.  In Swansea I was so close that if I tripped and fell on a cobblestone I would almost literally throw myself in the ocean.  In Sonoma County, I know the exact threshold the sun must not have crossed in the sky if I intend on making it to the sea to watch the sunset.

I love the ocean.  I love how powerful it is.  I like to say that if the ocean ever got really pissed off at all us humans, it could drown us all and we would not be strong enough to fight back and win the battle.  I love that there is something so powerful on this earth- it makes me feel infinitely less stressed about my role on this earth.  It makes me feel small in a good way.

I feel that I cold never live more than a half an hour away from the ocean- I need to know that I can go running to it if the need strikes.

Do you feel that way about the ocean?  What environment do you need to live in or near?

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