Whole30 | Week Two

Chicken Broth | inlovewiththeworld.com

Week Two of Whole30 is complete!  See above: a photo of chicken broth, pre-cooking.  The broth love continues.


I am continuing to feel physical benefits.  I know I am getting smaller, even if others can’t see it yet, and I still feel much better than I used to pre-Whole30.


There were several points this week where I felt very overwhelmed with the amount of food prep that I was doing.  I spent a lot of time wondering how sustainable this program is long term.  There are so many things that are off limits that any kind of eating out is near impossible.  Of course, the rules loosen after the 30 days are over, but I’m not sure how much easier it will be to eat out or pick up food.

*@#!%#$%^&*(/@!?!?!!!!! (Rant of the Week)

I can’t wait to add beans and quinoa back into my diet.  I predict that food prep will be a little fast and a little easier, and still very healthy once I can add these Whole30 forbidden foods back in.


I am totally in love with making broth.  The beef broth I made during week one was very successful.  It came out perfectly and it even “gelled” nicely (something I was afraid wouldn’t happen because of my failed experiments in mayonnaise making).  On top of that, it tasted delicious in the chilli I made.  There is a huge difference in homemade vs store bought broth.  Homemade broth is a tasty food in and of its self.  Store bought broth is not.

Successfully making broth made me feel like a freakin’ magician.  Either that, or someone who would finally be useful in a post-apocalyptic type of situation.  As someone who has spent LOTS of time watching The Walking Dead, and has very nerdily assessed inherent personalities, abilities to adapt, and flexibility of moral compasses, I can assure you that there is no way I would survive in a post-apocalyptic situation.  I would be dead by episode two, at the very latest.*  But now?  Hey.  I know how to make food from bones.  That makes me useful and worth protecting, right?  All I need is a Daryl to go hunt the thing that will provide the bones and we are good to go.

Chicken broth is brewing in the crock pot as I write this.  I will let you know how it goes next week.


*But hey, if I could make it to the part where we were re-establishing society and not just running around the woods, trying to survive?  I’d be good at that.  I’d establish a library, a school, a garden, and a (moral) protection system faster than you can blink an eye.  It’s the running around in the woods not getting bitten part that I’d be very bad at.

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