Some New (To Me) & Fantastic Things on the Internet:

yum I

Throw everything into one pot, let it cook, eat?  Yes please!  Gotta run to the store for some vegetable broth so I can try this Italian Wonderpot pasta from Budget Bytes.

Saving the “residue” of knitting projects (aka, remnants that wind up into doll sized balls of yarn) has not failed me yet.  I always find this little tresures useful.  Next use: Animal PomPoms!  I will make these, spin them around while singing “Grease Lightnin,'” and hang them on my rear-view mirror ala fuzzy dice.

Words from other languages that cannot be translated into English.  My favorite is Goya.

Snakes on a plane?  No.  Giraffes OUTSIDE a plane.   That sounds like a way cuter movie.

Roxy told her parents’ immigration story, and I loved every word of it.

I didn’t know that you could live/stay in Shakespeare & Co, but now it is all I want to do with my life.  Work in the shop, read a book a day, and write your autobiography?  Sounds like fair rent to me.

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