Word of the Year 2016 | Healthy

As I mentioned in my Love Letter to 2015, I enjoy taking part in Ali Edwards’ One Little Word project.  I use this word to guide my intentions and focus for the year.  Last year’s word(s) Go/Experience were a success.  This year, my word is…

Healthy | Word of the Year 2016 | inlovewiththeworld.com

I envision seeing this word permeate my food, my activity, my relationships with people, my mindset, my work/life balance, and anywhere else it wants to go.

I have two current plans to guide my word this year.

  1.  Whole30.  This January, I am participating in Whole30.  I heard about this popular plan through some friends and some bloggers I follow.  I did a little research and decided that I wanted to do this plan because it would help me kick my sugar addiction, and it would help me become more in tune with the way my body responds to various types of foods.  I am going to do weekly posts on my Whole30 experience, so stay tuned!
  2. Yoga.  I am going to go to yoga 2-3 times a week in January.  I want to use yoga to build physical strength and flexibility, and to create emotional and spiritual peace.

What is your One Little Word this year?

Jaime | inlovewiththeworld.com

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